Fechadura Yale RealLiving

  • YRL-220L
    • Yale YRL-220-ZW-619 Real Living Touchscreen Lever Door Lock with Z-Wave Technology
    • Yale YRL221-NR-619 - YRL-200L - Without comunication module
    • Even when its locked can be opened from inside with lever
      • My dog has learned how to open doors by pressing the lever, and it cannot be changed to vertical position to prevent it….
  • Yale technical person told me :
    • some manuals come with incorrect information, and in internal side sometimes the black dot must be down instead of up
      • in my device it worked as the manual
    • don’t use key to turn leveler it will break after some time
  • http://www.yaleresidential.com/….
  • http://www.yale2you.com/….
  • http://www.yaleresidential.com/….
  • http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00AQO04FQ
  • Can be used with Z-Wave or ZigBee
    • I have added support for zigbee2mqtt and it works fine
    • YRL 220L
      • It reports when door is opened using the lever
  • Standard 619 cylinder can be replaced
  • Lever can be swapped
  • Voice information in : English, Spanish and French

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